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At CME Sewer Repair, our professionals recommend professional drain cleaning services for our customers in the Mason community. We strive to get the job done right and to do this, our technicians use the latest and the best solutions to help save our customers their time and money.

Camera Inspection

There’s no need to guess the cause of what’s clogging up your drain pipes. At CME Sewer Repair, we rely on HD cameras connected to a flexible line to assess the situation, inserting the camera into the pipelines and recording the footage. The camera transmits images and video to a compatible monitor stationed aboveground, and from there, our capable technicians will quickly find the exact source of your drainage issues. In addition, the inspection process can also reveal structural weaknesses, cracks, or breaks within the pipe as well, giving us a cohesive picture of the condition of your pipes and ensuring that our solutions will fix all of the problems properly. Depending on the damage found, our technicians will formulate the appropriate strategy for bringing your drain lines up to speed. We use the latest trenchless repairs and replacement processes to make your pipes good as new, if not better, and our camera inspections guarantee that our work will be accurate.

Hydro Jetting

Rodding and snaking methods may clear up the clog temporarily, but these same issues are more than likely going to reoccur. These cleaning methods may even create holes or extend a crack in your pipes and trigger an emergency situation that would need extensive repairs, drain cleaning chemicals aren’t recommended either as they damage the pipe material and may advance the corrosion process. At CME Sewer Repair, we have moved away from using these methods of repair because of the potential problems they can create, and instead, we rely on hydro jetting for all of your drain cleaning needs.

Hydro jetting is arguably the best way to clean your drain lines. This green method is safe for both your pipes and the environment and is a versatile process that can be used to clean pipes of any material, size, and type. A thorough hydro jetting session will make your drains functional once again eliminating clogs and foul stenches.

Instead of using the harmful chemicals in drain cleaning solutions, we use highly pressurized water to clean your pipes. A specialized nozzle blasts hot water in all directions, effectively disintegrating and washing away the clogged particles, debris, scale and built-up grease. Our trained technicians have the knowledge to operate the nozzle and the hydro jetting equipment in the safest way possible to avoid pipe damage. We use 3500 PSI of water pressure to clear the scale, waste, and possible tree roots that may have invaded your pipelines. All wastes are safely washed out to the municipal sewer system.

Keep in mind that our drain cleaning services not only apply to emergency procedures but for maintenance processes as well. Regular drain cleaning will extend the lifespan of your drain lines and prevents future problems from happening. In order to keep the flow, your pipes will need to be clear and smooth inside. Any build-up will be cleared away, leaving your pipe good as new.

CME Sewer Repair has an excellent track record of professional, high-quality services and customer satisfaction. Call us now and ask for a drain cleaning today!

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