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Sewer lines problems can be caused by many factors, including tree root formations in the pipe, cracks, misalignment, excessive buildup of debris, and more. Identifying the reason why the sewer lines may be clogged or backing up was once a difficult process, requiring the pipes to be exposed through digging trenches. At CME Sewer Repair, we offer new techniques to locate sewer line problems for residents in Hamilton with our sewer camera inspections. A non-invasive method of diagnosis, sewer camera inspections allows us to pinpoint clogs and other sewer line problems, provide an accurate diagnosis, and determine the best solution for resolving it quickly. As a result, the costs of repair or replacement solutions are lowered because of the benefits our sewer camera inspections provide.

Our Process

At CME Sewer Repair, we have invested in the latest, most efficient inspection tools available in the industry to serve our customers. Our team of professionals is trained to conduct sewer camera inspections with minimal property damage, relying on existing access points such as the drains in the bathtub or sink. We insert a high-resolution camera into your pipes and assess the quality of your pipes while looking for clogs or other problems. The camera is attached to a flexible line that allows us to easily navigate it through the pipes, and the camera is small enough to easily fit in any pipeline diameter. The footage captured by the camera is fed back to a monitor that our technicians watch closely throughout the inspection process. Through our sewer camera inspections, we are able to provide our customers with correct information regarding the source of their pipeline problems, ultimately allowing us to reach the most logical solution.

This new technology and advanced inspection method save our customers time and money for many years. By precisely identifying the problem in your pipes, we can guarantee the best solution to resolve it. We have a wide array of techniques for eliminating pipeline problems, such as hydro jetting, a powerful drain cleaning process that will quickly and safely remove clogs and debris when our technicians use a powerful hose to blast water through the pipes.

For more advanced repair methods, our solutions include trenchless sewer repair, allowing us to restore your pipes within a single day and avoid digging large, obtrusive trenches that will harm the value of your home and cause needless damage. The costs of repair will be kept lower because of the measures we take to offer convenient solutions, and you can be sure that the products we offer will last for many years. Our sewer camera inspections can also be relied on outside of emergency situations and used to identify weak points, early signs of corrosion, and other complications in your pipes before they can cause major damage in your pipes.

At CME Sewer Repair, we make sure our camera inspections are available to our customers whenever they want or need it, allowing them to proactively maintain their pipes and save their money from paying for expensive repairs. Call us and we’ll help you find the exact source of your pipeline problem today.

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