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Traditional sewer repairs take a massive toll on the environment. Your property and the surroundings will be negatively affected, not to mention the disruption in your daily life. Trenchless sewer repair technology offers the best solution to these problems within the Hamilton area.

Here at CME Sewer Repair, we have a wide range of trenchless services for residential and commercial property owners, including hydro jetting, drain inspections, and sewer camera inspections.

What To Expect With Modern Sewer Repair

Trenchless sewer repair is a non-invasive process. It’s the direct answer to the hassles that come with traditional sewer repair. CME Sewer Repair services are quick and convenient. The absence of long, deep trenches might surprise you, but that’s because all of the repairs are done aboveground. You can resume normal operations after just a few hours.

Hydro Jetting

At CME Sewer Repair we use the latest in ecologically responsible equipment to clear your pipes of any debris and calcified matter before starting a trenchless sewer repair or inspection. A powerful nozzle blasts hot water inside the pipes and gets all the interior points to disintegrate the blockage. In addition, all bacteria stuck inside your pipes are washed out to the municipal sewer system, making hydro jetting a reliable resource for removing clogs as well as cleaning your drains.

Camera Inspection

Our capable technicians start the repair by conducting a visual inspection for an accurate diagnosis. This part of the repair is vital in order to accurately find out what’s causing the problem in the first place. High tech cameras and flexible rods are employed to carry out the inspection process.

The data we gather from the live video feed tells our technicians the state of your pipe and the source of the plumbing concern. From there, our expert technicians will come up with a viable trenchless solution to have it fixed the same day. A liner is cut to the exact length of the ailing pipe, then coated with a special epoxy resin ready to be inserted.

Pipe Lining

On¬†average, our professional technicians can carry out trenchless repairs in a single day. The old piping structure doesn’t have to be hauled and replaced. Instead, a liner is coated with a special epoxy resin and inserted into the existing sewer line structure. The epoxy-coated liner is then placed in position inside the ailing pipe, then inflated using an artificial bladder. Any weak spots such as cracks, seams, and holes are fixed right then and there as the resin hardens to assume the shape of the sewer pipe. The resin is allowed to harden, and a last video inspection checks to see if the new pipe is in place.

The new pipe made of special epoxy is better than the old piping material in many ways. It’s the best solution for when a part of the sewer line needs repair, cleaning or when a section has collapsed and there’s not much left. Trenchless methods can repair virtually any and all type of piping, from PVC, ABS, concrete, clay, corrugated, cast iron to Orangeburg. The seamless feature makes it impervious to root intrusion, cracking and calcification.

CME Sewer Repair is the #1 company you can rely on to provide exceptional trenchless services. Call us and get a free estimate today!

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