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CME Services offers trenchless sewer pipe repair here in Cincinnati, OH as the best alternative to costly excavation or digging. Sewer pipe lining has become the top sewer rehabilitation service we offer. More and more customers call and ask for it by name. When given the option of digging up their property (often a week long process) or trenchless sewer liner/CIPP installation, customers most always choose the liner system. It saves time and money in most cases. Pipe liners, once set up, can take about a day or two to fully rehabilitate your sewer system back to a better than new condition.

We are the top trenchless pipe lining company serving the greater Cincinnati area. We have built our business on customer referrals. All our work is fully guaranteed and the liner itself comes with a 10 yr manufacturer’s warranty.

CME Services uses a patented Heat-Cure Liner System. The sewer liner is made by combining a wool and PVC sleeve with a resin, which “cures in place” inside the old sewer pipe. The Heat-Cure system uses hot water to cure the resin-impregnated sleeve once it has been installed inside the old sewer pipe.

Call CME today, and have one of our experienced technicians do a full sewer inspection to see if your sewer line is a good candidate for trenchless sewer replacement. Why dig up or excavate your property if you no longer need? Our sewer pipe solutions will save you time and money. Call us today.

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