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Sewer lines deteriorate and weaken over time, and for homeowners in the Mason community, traditional methods of sewer repair are far too expensive and damaging to be worth the investment. Fortunately, at CME Sewer Repair, we make sure our solutions are affordable and minimally invasive.

Sewer lines are designed to be convenient for homeowners, running underground so that valuable space on the property isn’t taken up accommodating them. In the past, however, this position underground proved to be cumbersome and challenging for technicians to install, forcing large trenches to be dug through the yard or street in order to access the sewer lines. With several days devoted to the repair process and excessive property damage accompanying it, traditional sewer repair methods were far from ideal. Fortunately, our trenchless sewer repair methods take advantage of the sewer lines being installed underground by ensuring that our repairs can be installed without the upheaval of these pipes.

When we perform trenchless sewer repairs, we rely on access points already established on the property or dig small homes in order to reach the sewer lines. Included in our repair services is a sewer camera inspection that we conduct at the beginning of our visit. This inspection is intended to help expose the exact problem plaguing your pipes as well as ensure that our solutions fully address the issue and fix it accordingly. We hold ourselves accountable for the work we do, and our sewer camera inspections allow our customers to trust in our work wholeheartedly. After our inspection is finished and we have concluded what the best course of action is for fixing your sewer lines, we move forward with the repair process.

We offer a variety of repair solutions depending on the severity of the problem discovered in the sewer lines.

  1. Cured-in-place (CIPP) pipe lining is employed to fix smaller amounts of damage and seal away cracks or leaks in the line. A special artificial bladder is inflated and forces the epoxy resin to adhere to the inner pipe walls. The curing process of this resin only takes a few hours, and after it has completely hardened, it functions as the new pipeline. The liner is a special mix of unsaturated polyester, vinyl polyester, and epoxy, resulting in a strong material that resists the chemical properties of wastewater, guaranteed to last fifty years or more.
  2. Our inversion method relies on gravity and air to perform the repair, inverting the tube of epoxy resin and allowing it to extend across hundreds of feet and repair long spans of pipelines.
  3. Our pipe bursting repair methods are reserved for particularly damaged pipes that require a replacement, but rather than installing a new pipe through excavation, a bursting head is inserted into the old pipe, breaking it apart and pulling the new pipe behind it for replacement.

At CME Sewer Repair, we provide our esteemed customers with the highest level of professional service and unmatched quality, and our capable technicians are all qualified and fully licensed to carry out all trenchless sewer repair services. Call us now and we will restore your pipes with the best solutions available in the market.

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