Damage from intense storms can cause major problems in sewer systems. In March 2017, a storm resulted in enough rain and flooding that several roads had to be closed off in the Cincinnati region and the neighboring towns, as well as resulting in backups in drains that couldn’t be cleared away because of the excess water in the area. At CME Sewer Repair, we offer sewer repair solutions that will restore your pipes regardless of the floods and rain.

At CME Sewer Repair we use trenchless technologies to inspect and restore your pipes. We won’t tear out your pipes with digging and holes because we rely on a system that keeps the pipes in the ground and repairs them where they sit. But before we are able to perform the necessary repairs, we need to examine the pipe with a small video camera that we send through your pipelines.

The closed-circuit system we use feeds the video footage to the technicians on site who can identify cracks, leaks, clogs, and breaks in the pipe. The camera allows us the measure where these issues are and with that data we move on to the next step. If a clog simply needs to be flushed out of your drains, we use our hydro jetting cleaning services to fix this problem, blasting high-pressure water through a hose into the pipes. To repair cracks and leaks, we use pipe lining, a process in which an epoxy coated sleeve is inserted into the pipe. We expose the resin to hot water that allows it to cure after it has been applied to the inner walls of the pipe. If the pipe is broken or collapsed, we employ pipe bursting to repair the pipe, fracturing the old pipe apart while pulling the new one into its place.

The Benefits of Sewer Repairs

Because we don’t replace pipes opting to repair them in place we save our customers time and money from needing to pay for landscape renovations and other costs. Our repairs are faster and kinder to the environment, keeping your yard intact and ensuring that our work is minimally invasive. Our repair solutions last for at least fifty years or more, saving our customers from needing to pay for repairs or replacements in the near future. Because of this, sewer repair is far more efficient than sewer replacement, taking less time to complete and ensuring long-lasting products.

Find Out More

You can find out more about how effective and efficient trenchless plumbing repairs are by contacting us for more information. Our qualified staff can answer any question you may have about the technology and what it can mean for repairs to plumbing damaged by flooding in and around the Cincinnati area. We can be reached by sending an email or if you prefer to call us you can call directly at 513-657-2958.