3 Reasons Why You Can’t Afford to Ignore Trenchless Technology

trenchless sewer repairAcross the plumbing and sewer industry, there’s no doubt that trenchless drain repair and replacement is the most advantageous form of sewer repair currently available.

Yet for some reason, a shocking number of homeowners still don’t know about trenchless technology, even though it’s been around for about 15 years — and continue to opt for open cut sewer pipe repairs that can carry immense time and labor costs. Surveys have shown that a stunning 78 percent of Americans have never heard of trenchless, or “no dig,” sewer repair.

Still not convinced that trenchless sewer line repairs can be more advantageous than the traditional open cut method? Take a look at these three ways trenchless sewer repair can benefit you:

Trenchless is surprisingly affordable

While many people may falsely believe that trenchless is more expensive than open cut sewer repair, the exact opposite is true. Trenchless sewer repairs eliminate the costs of traffic control, equipment access, site restoration and other expenses associated with open cut repairs. In addition to these savings, trenchless sewer pipe repairs and replacements tend to last longer than those installed with the open cut technique, with warranties often lasting up to 50 years after the initial installation.

Trenchless saves time

Trenchless sewer repairs, which repair a sewer line via a single access hole dug in the ground, offer immense time savings as well. Because you won’t have to worry about excavating a ditch in your yard, the time it takes to repair your sewer lines will be significantly reduced, making this a much more convenient and stress-free option.

Trenchless is safer than open cut

Lastly, trenchless technologies are much safer for the laborers you hire than the open cut method. This is particularly true for steep excavations, as open cut repairs can cause landslides to take place in steep elevations. With safer laborers, there will be a reduced likelihood of an accident taking place on your property, which can offer a huge amount of peace of mind.

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