Dialysis Center in Toledo Needed CME’s Expert Lining Service

The team here at CME Sewer Repair took a call from from a contractor who needed our expertise in pipe lining without disruption.  From time to time we do get these types of calls where it is paramount that no disruptions are allowed due to the sensitivity of the facility.  In this case we had to rehabilitate a dialysis center without the need of shutting it down.  This is no small task, however, it is a task we take seriously and a challenge we accepted.  We performed a camera inspection and were able to determine that this pipeline was approximately 100 feet long, and the diameter of the pipe was 4 inch. This all seems pretty routine until you realise that there are 11 reinstatements on this line that needed to be opened up.  Basically, a reinstatement is when you line the pipe through and you cover over the branch pipe openings  coming into the line.  So each branch line (11 of them) needed to be opened back up.

CME’s ExpertCME’s ExpertCME_Toledo_Pic3


He is where it gets a little tricky, the sewer was leaking from 25 different dialysis stations and it was discharging into the basements.  As you could image this is a highly toxic situation.  Luckily, we were able to clean up the mess in the basement so there was no further damage.  We decided to start the work on a Friday at 5:30 pm, and by 7:00 pm on Saturday the entire line had been rehabilitated back to a better than brand new condition.  We didn’t have to tear up any floors or excavate and sucessfully line the whole pipe and opened up all the branch lines.  By the time we left the sewer was working perfectly from all stations.

The customer was very happy with our work and could not believe that we were able to complete the whole repair without digging and did it in about 24 hours and for less money than traditional repair.  We here at CME Sewer Repair take pride in offering our customers the best solutions when it comes to sewer repair.  If you have a troublesome or difficult sewer call us today at 513 672 8302 and let one of our experienced technicians come and take a look at your sewer situation.


Drain Cleaning Discovers Tree Roots at a Home in Norwood, OH

We received a call from a homeowner who had been dealing with an ongoing sewer problem.  The customer stated she could sometimes smell the sewer gas in the downstairs basement and her sewer would back up from time to time.  She had called us looking for a drain cleaning, she was sure that would take care of her problem.  When we got out there sure enough we could instantly smell the sewer gas in her downstairs basement bathroom.  Our technician got permission to run a sewer camera down inside her drain line to see where this smell was originating from.  About 25 out from the house, about where she had a large shade tree in her front yard, we discovered a cracked sewer pipe and it was full of roots.  You could see in the video, there was toilet paper getting hung up in the tree root ball, and it was causing not only the odor but it would also lead to backups periodically.

Residence Delhi Township Cincinnati Ohio

We shared our findings with the homeowner and explained to her that the pipe was actually a great candidate for sewer pipe lining and that we did not need to dig up here sewer to repair it.  She was blown away because she didn’t know our trenchless repair service existed.  All told, her sewer line was approx 75 feet to the city sewer.  The following day we were able to line here entire pipe and accomplished the full repair in about 24 hours.  Needless to say, our customer was very satisfied with our sewer lining service.  With our repair we actually rehabilitated her sewer back to a better than brand new condition.  When we told her about manufacturer’s LIFETIME GUARANTEE she was very happy.

Having a faulty or broken down sewer doesn’t have to be a nightmare scenario, call CME Sewer Repair service as we are the experts in trenchless sewer repair here in the greater Cincinnati area.


Mason Christian Village Retirement Home

Here is a recent job we did in Mason, Oh at the Mason Christian Village retirement home.  This particular job was difficult as the customer needed to have a 6 inch line approximately 120 feet long repaired without having to dig up the floors or tear out the walls.  It goes without saying we love the challenge especially when it comes to helping out our elderly neighbors.  Nobody wants to be displaced or have to deal with that kind of pipe rehabilitation project.  If you can get in there  and get out with disrupting the tenants or staff then that would be a win/win for everybody.

Upon visiting the facility and doing a camera inspection it was determined that the 6 inch pipe needed to be addressed as the pipe was on its last leg.  We also  learned that the pipe was under a concrete floor of the retirement home which can make for a trickly trenchless sewer repair here in the Cincinnati area.  The good news, at the end of the day we determined we could go in and completely renovate the pipe back to a better than new condition without digging or tearing out the floors and walls.  

Used ceiling to access the pipe.

Used ceiling to access the pipe.

Here you can see we set the liner

Here you can see we set the liner

Liner is set in place

Liner is set in place


We are happy to report that all 120 linear feet of this 6 inch pipe was 100 percent lined with our epoxy resin liner, and that no residents or staff were displaced.  All told, this job was finished in less than two day’s time.  It’s jobs like these that we really enjoy, as a company we have been doing trenchless pipe repair in the greater Cincy area longer than any other company.  We enjoy our customers and love what we do.  If you are interested in learning more about a no dig solution for pipe or sewer repair, then call us today at 513-672-8302 for a FREE ESTIMATE.

Cincinnati’s Premier Trenchless Pipe Rehabilitation Company

Here at CME Sewer Repair we are the top trenchless pipe rehabilitation company in the greater Cincinnati area. We have over 20 years experience and we have a true passion for all things residential and commercial sewer and septic repair.  We understand the importance of having a properly working sewer system and when it is not working it can be very frustrating and stressful.


Our customers are our number one priority, it can easily be said that to be doing this type of work over a 20 year period takes a true commitment to customer service. This is something that we do not take lightly. If you are not happy then we are not happy, simple as that. So, if your sewer system starts to fail  you can rest assured we will be there for you every step of the way.  From the pre planning stages all the way to yearly maintenance we will work with you and your budget.


Our specialty is trenchless sewer repair. We install epoxy coated liners inside your old system’s pipes and do so with minimal or no digging at all.  You can typically expect to have your sewer back up running and better than brand new condition in about 24 hours time. Our goal is to get in and get out without destroying your property.  All of our work is fully GUARANTEED and our liners are backed by a manufacturer’s LIFETIME WARRANTY so if you are thinking about rehabilitating your home or commercial sewer line then call us today at 513-672-8302 and ask about our FREE ESTIMATES.

Here are CME sewer repair we value our customers and look forward to getting to know you.