Then and Now: Traditional Sewer Repair vs. CIPP Epoxy Lining

cured in place pipeHere’s what sewer pipe repair and replacement used to look like: a crew of excavators and plumbers would spend one to two days tearing up your property. They would dig a large open trench above your broken sewer line, polluting the neighborhood with noise and diesel exhaust fumes. Plus, your water and sewer would typically get shut off for a minimum of 10 hours, which means no flushing or water use at all.

But the pain and suffering wouldn’t stop there. While the excavation crew could fill the trench after they go, most plumbers don’t moonlight as professional landscapers. That means home and property owners would have to spend thousands more laying down new sod, concrete, and repairing their landscaping features. Perhaps that’s why so many people put off their sewer camera drain inspection; they’re afraid of what they might find.

What Does Sewer Repair Look Like Now? Cured in Place Pipes

Our crews provide the Cured in Place Pipe Cincinnati property owners depend on when the time comes to replace their sewer lines. Even though trenchless sewer repair technology like CIPP has been around for decades, only 78 percent of Angie’s List users had ever heard of trenchless plumbing repair. If your home or commercial building’s sewer, pipes, or drains aren’t working properly — or if your building is more than 40 years old — then it’s only a matter of time until you’ll need to call for sewer line repairs.

But Cured in Place Pipe is what plumber’s call a “no dig” technology. It’s the best sewer repair Cincinnati has to offer, and it saves you from expensive trenches destroying your property.

It works like this: a team of experienced trenchless plumbers feed patented CIPP lining through your existing sewer line. This epoxy pipe lining comes in a variety of sizes, from small four inch residential pipes to the 110-inch public water mains. After the lining is placed within existing pipes, hot water is used to expand the lining. This curing process creates a new pipe within a pipe (and comes with a warranty to boot!).

Trust Us — Ignore Sewer Problems At Your Own Risk!

Sometimes, a sewer video inspection reveals a minor clog, something that hydro jetting services can fix in no time. However, put off an inspection, and your sewer could back up into your home or leak into your yard. So if your home is more than 40 years old, or if your pipes are acting up, call the sewer repair Cincinnati depends on for an inspection ASAP.

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